• Skannd Tyagi

    Skannd Tyagi

    Alpha Geek | Polymath | Serial Entrepreneur | Roboticist | Painter | Pilot | Designer | Closet Philosopher | Foodie | Dreamer |

  • Chris Hutchinson

    Chris Hutchinson

    Helping leaders and teams get lasting results since 2002 www.trebuchetgroup.com

  • Alex Memus

    Alex Memus

    Работаю продактом, веду подкаст про фантастику “Худо Не Было”: https://hugo-nebula.transistor.fm/

  • Allset


    Marketplace for restaurants and local diners. Online ordering and contactless solutions to serve customers commission-free. www.allsetnow.com

  • Vlad Moskovski

    Vlad Moskovski

    I write lyrical surreal vignettes — that can make you laugh or think. If you are not careful, a single line striking a neuron can flip your whole world.

  • Ruben Cortez

    Ruben Cortez

  • Gil Rahn

    Gil Rahn

  • Michael Castilla

    Michael Castilla

    UX Designer, Entrepreneur, Front-End Web Developer, Startup & mobile technology enthusiast.

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